Complimentary VIP hospitality at the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half |


"The tent at the start was excellent, and offering hand warmers was a very thoughtful touch on a cold morning!"

— Michael B      General Member

"The post-race event at Tavern on the Green was really fantastic - the team at the EXPO was really helpful, and the event itself was really well done. I appreciate the invite!"

— Jared B      General Member

"Thanks for sponsoring the NYC Half. I love it that UA supports these types of events and then provides some special benefits to its mileage plus members. It was great to have some peace, quiet and warmth to relax pre-race. Thanks!"

— David S      General Member

"Everything about the event was great. The warm tent and private bathrooms before the race was an awesome perk. The easy access to Tavern on the Green, bag waiting and nice brunch made post race very relaxing. Thank you for the opportunity to both run the race and the VIP experience."

— Sharon F      General Member

"I absolutely loved the pre- and post-race hospitality you put together for your Mileage Plus members who ran the NYC Half Marathon. This was my third year being part of the experience and it never gets old. I always feel so valued by this event and want to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone who puts it together each year."

— Noah G      General Member

"United rocks! From the great booth at the expo, to the heated tent with private bathrooms at the NYC Half starting area. The post-race hospitality suite at the Tavern on the Green was amazing! The best part of all the experiences was the friendly attitudes of all the United team. Can’t wait for the next event... ;-)"

— Brian F      General Member

"Post race was first class with an incredible spread of food, beverages, space, etc. It was really an oasis after a tough race to unwind and have a guest join in the fun as well. The staff was incredibly friendly and the staff from Tavern On The Green was superb, as expected. Truly felt like a VIP leading up to, prior to the race and post race."

— Todd B      General Member

"One of the best mileage plus events I have ever attended as a GS member. Appreciated you tying this to a major local event like the NYC half marathon as it gives likeminded members a chance to meet one another and interact with UA staff. Wish I can join for more of these in the future!"

— Ruoxi C      General Member

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