Be a VIP at Soldier Field United Club | October 11, 2015 - October 11, 2015


"I thought it was a fabulous event.  I have never been to a MP exclusive event before, I always track them, not too many in Chicago.  I felt the value for the 10,000 miles/person was very reasonable.  I liked the fact you cannot buy this, we did notice the bears are now selling a similar event for a Friday evening, but know it will not be the full package we enjoyed.  The jackets were a very fun surprise."

— Kimberly C      General Member

"You couldn’t miss me – I was the crazy Bears fan jumping up and down yelling at the TV screen in the Walter Payton jersey. I had a fantastic time!! I can’t say thank you enough. "

— Cornelius W      General Member

"Just wanted to say my son and I had a great time in the United Club at Soldier Field!  As this was a first in my over 16 years as a United Frequent Flyer to attend such an event... I would give this event a 10! From the time I entered the United Club in Soldiers Field, staff made us feel very welcomed! The event itself was fabulous and the staff made everyone feel so comfortable!! The atmosphere the entire team made ALL feel very welcomed. Food, entertainment [having Alumni there was a big hit!!] I would definitely use miles again for events like this!!"

— Len T      General Member

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